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Floral Focus

My art is inspired by the many fruits, vegetables and flowers that I grow in my Chesapeake, Virginia garden.
They make wonderful models.
They work cheap, don't wiggle or chat while posing,
and have extremely 'colorful personalities'!

If you touch hover on any image

the Title and Description will appear.

CLICK and a larger view will open up.
Navigate through images with arrows.

Every picture tells a story.

Many of my paintings 'come with a story'.
I always like to say that each one has a life of its own. I can work for hours at a time on a painting, finish for the day and turn out the lights. The next day, when I come into the studio - I often feel as if I'm seeing the painting for the first time. I know that I painted it, but it's funny . . . I cannot recall making certain decisions or why I chose a particular color. It's as though 'the elves snuck in during the night and worked on my painting '!  

I suppose this is because while I am working I 'go somewhere else'. This place is a Zone of its Own.
I'm in a total creative mode - immersed in a world of shapes and colors and ideas. They say it's The Right Side of the Brain.

I believe it. There is no math here. I love it.

If you see a piece or pieces that interest you, feel free to contact me and I'll share its story with you - and give you all the information you may need to complete your purchase.


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